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Efficient technology
15 years warranty
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Heating becomes beautiful!

Are you keen to keep your home warm without compromising on aesthetic design? Are you looking for a solution that saves you time and money while providing thermal comfort in every room? Oxyly heating panels are the answer to your needs!

Thanks to the use of the latest technology, Oxyly panels guarantee easily accessible and effective heating for your home. Their innovative design and high quality workmanship make them not only efficient, but also very aesthetically pleasing. You no longer have to sacrifice decorative interior elements to gain heat - Oxyly infrared heating panels will fit perfectly into any style of home.

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Energy saving - saving money

Are you looking for an effective, energy-efficient and easy-to-use heating system? If so, Oxyly heating panels are the perfect solution for you!

Oxyly infrared panels are a modern heating system that was created with the highest quality and efficiency in mind. Using state-of-the-art technology, Oxyly appliances allow heat to be distributed quickly and evenly to ensure the perfect temperature in your home or office.

Oxyly infrapanels use advanced infrared radiation technology that works extremely effectively. Infrared rays penetrate the air and heat the surfaces on which they fall, so you don't have to worry about heat loss - you know this phenomenon very well, because the sun's rays work in the same way. Oxyly modules enable savings of up to 50% compared to traditional heating systems!

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Invest in warmth and comfort with Oxyly

If you are looking for a solution that will allow you to save energy and money, and at the same time ensure maximum comfort and safety, then Oxyly heating panels are the perfect choice for you.

Thanks to Oxyly, you can enjoy warmth and tranquility in your home, and at the same time contribute to the protection of the environment.

Invest in Oxyly and feel the difference today!

Oxyly warranty

We guarantee that our Oxyly heating panels are made of the highest quality materials and in accordance with the latest safety standards, which allows us to provide a 15-year warranty on our products.

This means that the devices are protected for a long time against any manufacturing defects or damage resulting from normal use. Should any problem occur, simply contact our customer support team and they will resolve your issue quickly and efficiently.

We are convinced that our Oxyly heating panels are extremely durable and reliable, which is why we offer such a long warranty. Thanks to this, you can have full confidence in our products and use them with complete peace and comfort for many years.

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Mrs. Kinga

These panels are sensational, indeed, we were convinced and I praise myself. Our previous heating was much more expensive and let's not pretend that it wasn't ecological. Oxyly panels are great

Miss Barbara

The panels are really great, I recommend them. Sensational heating, ecological and economical

Mr. Daniel

Oxyly panels are great. Ecological, economical, aesthetic. it was the best choice of heating for the apartment

  • Are the Oxyly panels ceramic or metal?
    There are many different panels in ceramic technology on the market, which are heavy and very delicate. We reinvented the panels, preserving the advantages of older technologies, but at the same time eliminating their disadvantages. The heart of our heating panels is a specially designed nanocarbon heating element. For maximum efficiency, we have enclosed it in a thin polymer, which is also the front of our panels. This design, without traditional heaters and with an external emitter, allows you to reduce operating costs as much as possible. Yes, in the Oxyly panels the heating element is outside, not closed under the metal sheet as in the old models! The all-aluminium construction makes the Oxyly panels extremely light, you can safely mount them on any wall or ceiling, even on constructions made of plasterboards.
  • What is heat wave, infrared?"
    Infrared is part of the solar spectrum that reaches Earth every day. Even in winter, on a sunny day, we are able to feel the warmth of the sun. This is the infrared wave.
  • Is infrared heating healthy?
    Yes! We deal with infrared every day. Infrared emitted by OXYLY panels has a beneficial effect on our health as well as on the condition of the building in which they work. The OXYLY panels do not contain ultraviolet and microwave emissions that are unhealthy for humans.
  • What is the wavelength in OXYLY panels
    Our heating panels emit a wavelength of 7-15 µm, which corresponds to IR-C radiation.
  • What is the surface temperature of OXYLY panels
    The temperature of the heating panels is directly related to the length of the emitted heat wave. In our panels, the surface temperature does not exceed 105°C, which makes it safe to use even in wooden houses (the ignition temperature of wood is over 200°C).
  • Do OXYLY panels glow during operation?
    No, apart from a pleasant feeling of warmth, there is no other way to see that the panels are working.
  • Can I handle self-assembly?
    If you can use a drill, you can easily handle the installation of OXYLY panels. Electrical connection is also not a problem thanks to our unique solutions. At every stage of assembly, you can contact our specialists.
  • Where can OXYLY panels be installed
    Virtually everywhere! On the wall, ceiling and even on slants!
  • Can I control the panels remotely?
    Of course! OXYLY panels can be operated by additional thermostats with smartphone control. All you need is a Wi-Fi network at home.
  • What is the lifetime of OXYLY panels?
    OXYLY infrared panels are a low-temperature source of heat, they do not have heaters or heating wires inside. Therefore, they are not strained, so they can be long-lived. The estimated lifetime of the panels is over 80 years. Our first ones have been working flawlessly for over a dozen years!
  • Can I get funding for the installation of OXYLY panels?
    Yes, OXYLY heating panels are treated as an ecological source of heat, so you can get funding for their installation. For details, please ask at your city office in the environmental protection department.
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