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Costs of using heat radiators.

One of the most cost-effective ways to heat an apartment is to use it

heat radiator. Thanks to innovative technology, they insulate much more efficiently than

standard methods. What are the costs of using radiant heaters? Is it worth buying?

Find out in this article.

How do radiant heaters work?

When drawing electricity, the radiant heater starts to produce heat

solar-like radiation. It heats the floor, walls and objects

in the room without heating the air itself. Allows

is to insulate the interior using less energy than standard forms of heating.

The air heated in this way is much cooler than it seems to us.

So does the sun on a winter day. We are quite warm in its light, however

when we move into the shade, we begin to feel the actual temperature. It's kind of

our body's heat deception.

It is worth noting that, compared to the sun, radiant heaters do not produce heat

UV radiation harmful to the body. They are a natural way of heating that

does not negatively affect the human body.

How much does a radiant heater cost?

The price of a radiant heater varies due to several factors. One of them is size

heated space. The larger it is, the more radiators will be needed. Sometimes

this is a small change, but with poor protection of the house against heat loss, it becomes permanent

at high cost.

What is the cost of radiant heating? 

The heating itself with a radiant heater is not expensive, compared to less effective ones

methods. Many factors affect its performance.

Here we come to the properties of the entire building. There will be well-insulated rooms

heat up faster and will not waste valuable heat energy. Any damage in

insulation, leaky and old windows or a damaged body of the building can significantly affect

operation of the radiators.

The cost of obtaining electricity is also of great importance here. If the place is

connected, for example, to solar panels, the price of heating itself becomes much higher


The place of purchase and the method of assembly have little impact on the final costs. It's worth it

however, pay attention to this and include this factor in the cost estimate.

Is it worth buying a radiant heater?

Heat radiators have many advantages that will allow you to decide even the most

doubting people. The best advantages that speak for this heating system

we present below.


By limiting the occurrence of convection (present in standard methods

heating) radiators do not stir up dust, which makes them suitable for allergy sufferers.

In addition, they do not dry out the air like ordinary radiators. Dry air negatively

affects the condition of the mucous membrane of the throat and nasal cavity, leading to its drying. Increase

is the number of gastrointestinal infections in the later period.

Reducing the energy consumption that occurs when using radiators

heat is also of great importance here. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, no

they heat the air, only the surfaces in the room. They don't waste

valuable energy for unnecessary warming.

They are also very easy to assemble. They do not require specialized tools or destruction

the facade of the building. This is especially true for wall-mounted models. Just a little time

dowels, drill and spirit level. The radiant heater is already hung up.

Heat radiators are of negligible importance in the process of producing greenhouse gases.

Compared to conventional coal or eco-pea coal stoves, they are almost 100%

ecological! This is a particularly important issue for people who value low-emissions

solutions in your home.

If you can't decide on the right model of home heating, then radiant heaters

heat are the solution for you. Simple assembly process, easy operation and positive impact

for household bills are, in our opinion, sufficient arguments for using it

heating model.

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