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Electricity calculator, or time to save

Awareness of rising electricity bill prices is growing

bigger . Even more so if everyone takes into account the increase in the fee for 1 kWh. Persons

planning to reduce electricity bills, should get to know the calculator

electricity consumption.

Electricity consumption calculator and home appliances

Modern technology makes it possible for homes to become ever larger

number of appliances with high energy class, allowing for energy saving. IN

children's room, in the living room, parents' bedroom, and sometimes even in the guest kitchen

TV set. Power consumption depends on two factors:

● screen diagonal,

● technology used.

Home cinema, console for children, fridge with the ability to create ice on a regular basis,

dishwasher, washing machine, dryer - this is the basis of a modern household.

It is worth finding out how much such equipment is able to use energy on a daily basis and how it can

affect the electricity bill. A current calculator will also help

answer the question whether you can think about replacing the equipment with a new one that wears out

less electricity every day.

Electricity calculator and rising prices

Many people wonder why prices for 1kWh are increasing? This one is observed every year

the same situation - higher electricity bills. Even though it's used up

as much or even less than in some cases. What influences what

electricity is getting more expensive? The most important factors include:

● rising gas prices - especially now that Russia has decided to limit it

deliveries to the European Union,

● increase in coal prices,

● cost of CO2 emission allowances - even more so when it comes to Poland, production in

the energy sector is dependent on hard coal and lignite,

● poor infrastructure related to the energy storage facilities that are associated with

renewable sources

Calculating electricity consumption should now be on the heart of every person who wants to strive for

to keep more money in her wallet.

Online electricity calculator

Each member of society has a chance to independently estimate the cost of consumption

energy by individual devices located in the household.

A special electricity consumption calculator is available on the Internet. It is a complete tool

free, easy to use.

Enter the following in the highlighted areas:

● power of the device, fluorescent lamps,

● working time of the above mentioned items,

● price per 1 kWH.

The electricity calculator is an intuitive device that independently gives the result for one day,

month, year. In some cases, there are monthly calculations.

Calculation of electricity consumption - fixed and variable energy charges


When discussing this topic, one cannot forget about the division of fees into fixed and variable.

Fixed fees include:

● fixed network fee - these are the costs of maintaining and operating the power grid, price

depends on the selected tariff,

● subscription fee - the cost of reading the meter, it has a large impact on it

the fact which method is chosen by the person who records the consumption during the dedicated period

electric energy.

Variable electricity charges are:

● RES fee - a premium paid towards the availability of renewable sources


● transition fee - costs related to early termination of contracts

long-term contracts with energy producers. There are three rates depending on


- up to 500 kWh,

- from 500 to 1200 kWh,

- over 1200 kWh,

● capacity fee - related to ensuring the safety of all customers,

● variable network fee - related to the supply of energy in selected periods,

● cogeneration fee - ensuring the availability of energy from ecological sources,

● quality fee - the possibility of delivering the highest quality kWh to homes.


Bills are usually delivered every two months to each household

the sum of the above-mentioned fees. The electricity calculator can help you predict your annual consumption

electricity for the home. Polish infrared heating.

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