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Infrared heating - an investment worthy of interest

Heating arouses growing interest in the coming autumn and

winter. The most frequently chosen solutions include coal heating and heating

gas or electric. Due to the drastic price increases, the public

looking for other alternatives. It can be infrared heating, i.e. so-called infrapanels.

Infrared rays and ecological approach to life

However, before this modern form of space heating is discussed, it is worth it

point to something. Ecological awareness is growing every year

approach to life that has an impact not only on the environment, but also on health and

physical/mental condition of a person. Black smoke drifting over the houses, w

especially in the winter, it does not look inviting. Phrases such as

global warming, climate catastrophes can actually be observed on your own

Eyes. So it's not surprising that the public would like to find healthier alternatives that do

they will also benefit your health, particularly when it comes to your respiratory system.

Infrared heaters

Many people will consider that they are dealing with a technological novelty that is not entirely for them

she understood them. The interesting fact, however, is that it is really every human being

deals with infrared heating on a daily basis. The explanation for this

it is warm, felt during exceptionally hot days. It is nothing else

infrared radiation.

It is on this phenomenon that infrared radiators are based, currently used in more and more

more houses. We are talking about special devices that are in them


Ecological infrared rays

Devices that emit infrared rays are classified as ecological.

Among their advantages are such aspects as:

● the ability to heat any room - no matter what exactly

will be its surface,

● even temperature distribution - for comparison, traditional forms

heating is based on the convection method,


● heating only people and objects - air will not


All the more so infrared heating is dedicated to people who work on a daily basis

are dealing with allergies. There are no related situations here

arousing dust particles and drying the air - as is the case with

normal heating sources.

Advantages of infrared heating

Modern methods of heating houses in the form of infrared radiators, wake up

can have many doubts. It is therefore necessary to briefly discuss the advantages associated with this form

heat supply to the house:

● possibility of mounting not only on the walls but also on the ceiling,

● easy installation of infrared panels,

● easy comfort of use, which is carried out using the remote control included in

set or Wi-Fi,

● ecology - there is no emission of harmful fumes to the outside,

● energy efficiency,

● smaller amount of allergens - this is especially important in the case of small children

and people with exceptional skin/respiratory sensitivity,

● infrared radiators prevent the growth of mold and fungi (another

allergen, aggravating well-being),

● the perceived temperature is higher than the actual temperature, usually three degrees


● high quality workmanship, guaranteeing a long service life,

● fashionable aesthetics and design, thanks to which radiators can be used as stylish ones

interior accessories.

Health properties of infrared heaters

The term "infrared" may also raise some controversy. Society can

be convinced that such radiators will not have a beneficial effect on health

human. This is wrong thinking that needs to be corrected. It is worth mentioning that

infrared radiation emitted by these modern heaters, preferably


● support for the work of muscles, joints and the immune system,

● improvement of skin blood supply and blood circulation,


● reduction of ailments related to the back and spine.

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