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Electricity calculator - is it worth using?

Rising electricity bills become a nuisance for everyone. This applies to people

private as well as entrepreneurs or public institutions. In times when

every person is looking for savings, an energy consumption calculator can help.

A modern solution that will make it easy to use electrical devices

was more conscious.

KWH calculator and the cost of electricity consumption

At the very beginning, however, it should be mentioned that the electricity consumption calculator indicates

estimated cost of electricity consumption. The amount shown on the final bill may

vary slightly. Although you can calculate the values yourself

be treated as a good way to better manage energy in homes, companies,


The energy consumption calculator requires knowing the price per 1kWh. Two more things

necessary for the correct calculation of the result are:

● device working time,

● power of the device - proper data are given in the instruction manual.

To calculate your electricity consumption yourself:

1. Divide the power of the device by 1000.

2. Multiply the result by the time of operation of the device.

3. The obtained result is multiplied by the price per 1 kWH.

The final result is the cost of electricity consumption of a given device for one day. To

to calculate the monthly cost, multiply the total by 30 or 365 (annual cost).

Online energy consumption calculator

In the virtual world, there is no shortage of special energy consumption calculators that all

they do the calculations themselves. It remains to enter only the above-mentioned data,

to get interesting estimates.

The advantage of online calculators is the fact that you can often find a division no

for devices only. You can also find variants for individual rooms, such as

attic, boiler room, basement, garage, bathroom, kitchen, etc. This allows you to receive more

detailed data.

Electricity consumption and savings calculator

The electricity calculator can become a further motivator for action, thanks

which in the future to pay more attention to its saving. In many cases

it turns out that some devices, at certain times, use up unnecessarily


Here are a few steps worth sticking to if someone found it in their home or business

too much electricity is used:

1. Turn off devices that are not used on a regular basis.

2. Phone/tablet/laptop fully charged? Time to disconnect the charger from


3. Turning off the lights in rooms where no one is present. Even,

if someone is to be back in the proverbial five minutes, the light should stay on anyway


4. Buy energy-saving light bulbs. They are actually more expensive, but in the future

their price (and even more) will pay off in the form of lower power consumption.

5. Good insolation of rooms with the help of daylight and its

optimal use. It is recommended to place desks by the windows to be able to

make the most of the sun's rays (which will also have a positive effect on

health and well-being).

6. Fridge - should not be opened too often or for too long. The more that

it occupies one of the first places when it comes to electricity consumption.

7. Oven - should only be opened during the final baking period and not

before. Reducing the temperature inside makes the oven work harder

will need to consume more electricity.

8. Energy class of the device - in particular, if someone is trying to

purchase of new electrical appliances. The higher it is, the better it is

later bills.

Following these few tips may not seem easy at first. it will turn out

however, profitable. The proof of this can be the calculations presented by the calculator

electricity consumption. After some time, after following the above-mentioned tips, it's worth it

see if the bills have gone down. Such calculations should be done from time to time to be able to

see that you can afford real savings in electricity consumption. Polish infrapanels.

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