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Ways of heating a single-family house

The 2022/2023 season will hit Poles extremely hard in the pocket when it comes to costs

heating houses. No wonder everyone is looking to find the cheapest possible

methods of heating a single-family house. There are some interesting alternatives whose final

the cost for many people can become a huge relief in the future.

Polish Smog Alert Report

Already in August 2022, the Polish Smog Alarm was examining the prices of popular solid fuels

they are most often used in many homes. Not only coal was taken into account, but

also pellets and wood.

According to the PAS records, within a year and a half the price of coal increased by over 229%. Price

of pellets increased “only” by 166%. The price of wood jumped the least - it is the "only" 83% of the price


You had to pay for a supply of coal for one heating season at the turn of 2022 and 2023

pay about PLN 13,000! It is the most expensive form of home heating. nothing then

no wonder so many Poles suddenly started looking for cheap ways to heat

single-family house.

Solar collector heating

Cheap when it comes to running costs. Expensive for the installation itself. But you have to

know that there are various funding opportunities that are able to make it final

the purchase price will decrease slightly. Low operating costs mean that the purchase price of

sometimes it will return.

An absorber is mounted on the roof, whose task - as the name suggests - is

absorbing sunlight. They are able to do this thanks to a comprehensive installation

affect, among others to heat the water; electric heaters. Panels

solar panels reduce the operating costs of the building.

Advantages of solar collectors

The following advantages speak for choosing this type of solution:

● no need to organize space for them - they are placed

most often on the roof;

● maintenance-free - however, it is necessary to take care of regular cleaning;


● 100% demand for heat - especially when it comes to the season


Heat pump as an effective heating system

The cost of purchase and installation alone can seem huge. However, also in this case

various types of programs supporting renewable energy are implemented. There are devices to choose from,

which are based on the sun, water and soil. Recommended due to the fact that it can work through

all year round - no matter what exact weather conditions you have to deal with


Advantages of solar pumps

Despite the high purchase costs, heat pump installations are recommended due to:

● ecology - they do not generate any exhaust gases,

● safe to use - you don't have to worry about it during operation

the heat pump will explode,

● maintenance-free - you don't really need to do anything with it, it's just enough

connect it to electricity

● multifunctionality - it can be based on the current generated by

solar panels,

● 100% energy demand - if the heat pump is adjusted to

building needs.

Modern infrared heating

Which, in addition, is distinguished by beneficial properties, which in a positive way

affect human health. Contrary to erroneous opinions, this type of heating, which

is used even in modern agriculture, there is no harmful

impact. There are infrared radiators to choose from, which can take the form of panels

(e.g. with pictures) and foils/heating mats used for heating


Advantages of electric infrared heating

The use of this form of heating is supported by:

● quick possibility to heat the room - even within the first few days

seconds from turning on


● no dry air - infrared will not lead to dryness, which will either

has a positive effect on the respiratory system,

● heating of objects and people - who give the heat to the environment, not to it

vice versa, as is the case with radiators,

● uniformity - heat spreads evenly throughout the room.

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