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Infrared radiation - an alternative source of heat for houses

The sun is responsible for providing the largest amount of energy, including heat.

He is also responsible for the three known types of radiation: ultraviolet,

infrared radiation as well as visible light. Infrared is a phenomenon

which modern engineers decided to use to develop modern ones

ways to heat homes.

Infrared and its ranges

Delving into the subject of infrared radiation, used for heating

different rooms, you should familiarize yourself with the ranges that these waves emit. Well

they look like this:

● in the range from 0.8 to 2.5 micrometers (μm) - NIR, i.e. short infrared waves,

● in the range from 2.5 to 25 micrometers (μm) - MIR, mid-wave infrared,

● in the range from 25 to 100 micrometers (μm) - FIR, long infrared wavelengths.

Infrared radiation in agriculture

The proof of the effectiveness of this type of heating is the fact that it is used on

extensively in agriculture. It is used to heat rooms

farms where animals are kept on a daily basis. In this case, most often

the heated element is the floor. This is to help inhibit mold growth.

It also supports the normal birth rate of cattle and pigs. Thanks

modern infrared systems, it is possible to heat the earth where

plants grow. Radiators are also found in greenhouses. So it's all the more worth it

think about use

Infrared and the human body

There is a lot of talk about rehabilitation treatments that help with utilization

infrared. For example, there is an infrared sauna and deckchairs

using such radiation. This is proof that every man receives

a chance to provide yourself with the kind of rehabilitation therapy in your own home

the addition will help maintain the right temperature in the rooms.


Infrared heaters are able to counteract various diseases, among which

can be replaced:

● improving the body's water and electrolyte management,

● alleviation of ailments associated with rheumatic diseases,

● strengthening the blood supply,

● easing the ailments related to the spine, in particular when it comes to

people with a sedentary job,

● muscle relaxation and removal of muscle pain,

● stimulation of cells responsible for the renewal of biological processes,

● reduction of mental tensions, mood hyperactivity,

● peace and well-being.

For many people, a real curiosity may be the fact that infrared heaters

help reduce body fat and speed up metabolism. As a result, it will

you can get rid of unnecessary fat faster.

How much does infrared radiation cost?

It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. Impact on the final cost

will have several factors:

● number of installed heating panels,

● their power,

● type of thermal insulation used in the house/apartment/office,

● additional services, including remote control, Wi-Fi, presence

or not thermostat,

● price per kWh.

When deciding to buy, you should look at the currently offered products that are not available

is lacking. There is an increasing demand for alternative energy sources,

which, in addition, can be classified as ecological.

According to the reviews of people who already use infrared radiation, the cost of use

is comparable to heating houses with coal/lignite, including

its purchase price. It is worth noting that infrared heaters do not emit

no harmful fumes into the air. It's not the same, but it gains a lot from it

the environment and the respiratory system. It is estimated that the investment in this type

heating, expensive at first glance, is able to pay for itself in two

successive years. Oxyly infrared panels.

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