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What is the cheapest cost of heating a house?

The year 2022 means rising home heating costs. No matter what exactly

the source of heating is involved. Is there a cheap way to heat the whole thing

of living space?

Economic heating of the house - what affects the final cost?

Nowadays, there are several options to choose from when it comes to heating. final cost

home heating depends on several factors:

● building design - its layout, size, height of individual rooms,

● finishing of the building - properly dedicated joinery, which will allow

to eliminate thermal bridges, and to insulate walls, floors and roofs,

● good heating system - cheap to use, tailored to the needs of a given person


Which home heating source is the cheapest?

As you can see, everything really depends on what house you are dealing with

deal. There are several primary heating sources to choose from to consider

according to your needs.

Pellet/eco-pea coal stove

Also called "almost" maintenance-free. Why? Because in the case of exceptionally

efficient fuel, you can be sure that you will be able to get to the heating source

really rarely see. There is no shortage of such users who admit that their number

visits once or twice a week. Just choose the model that suits you

has a sufficiently large fuel tank. She is partially responsible for this

automation, which enabled the use of e.g. special burners, automatic

fuel feeders, electric fuel igniters, controlled air dampers

automatically, flame extinguishing systems.

It is also worth mentioning that eco-pea coal and pellets do not emit so much gas

greenhouses to the air, making them more environmentally friendly.

Air source heat pump

It is responsible for the absorption of heat from the environment, which accumulates in the air.

It is also classified as an ecological source of heat, because it does not emit any emissions

no gases. It is thanks to such devices that the air is definitely

cleaner. Heat pumps are becoming more and more popular in regions with smog levels

exceeds the permissible standards (e.g. in the Małopolskie Voivodeship).

Its decisive advantage is that its installation does not require any special work

repairs. There is no need to allocate a special room for it. Its installation itself does not

is complex, so it can be done very quickly. But you have to

be careful to install it in homes where you do not deal with significant

heat losses. It is also worth thinking about such a solution in conjunction with the installation

photovoltaic. Thanks to this, you will not have to worry about rising energy bills


Infrared heating

There is no shortage of people who look at these heat sources as something new. Although, this type

devices have been known for many years. However, only recently have they gained popularity

started to grow. Due to the ecological aspect and the possibility of connecting to the installation


Infrared radiators come in the form of special panels that can be used

mount on a wall or ceiling. For the most demanding people, they are available

panels that are finished like paintings, thanks to which they perfectly match the arrangement


Mats and films using the infrared phenomenon can also be installed on

wall/ceiling. Also with their help you can make underfloor heating in houses and

in apartments. Thanks to their construction, they are able to provide up to 30% lower

electricity consumption - if compared to traditional heaters


Their definite advantage is that they evenly heat the entire room.

i.e. first, the rays focus their "attention" on the individual objects they are

then they release all the accumulated heat to the environment. They are also safe for

human and for animals.

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