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Infrared heating - profitability of the investment

Infrared heating emits heat that heats objects, e.g. walls,

floors, ceiling. It is these objects that give off heat to the environment, thanks to which it heats up the whole thing

room. Is the installation of this heating system a profitable investment?

What do you need to know about traditional heating systems?

Not every user realizes that with traditional systems

heating systems, the difference in one room (in terms of temperature) may be

up to 10 degrees! The reason for this is circulation, which makes the warm air rise

up. Cold falls down. Such a phenomenon certainly does not have a positive effect on comfort

household. So it is worth counteracting such uncomfortable phenomena by making decisions

for infrared heating. For comparison, it is worth adding that in the case of the latter

heating system, temperature difference in one room, between upstairs and

down is only 2 degrees.

Heat emitted by infrared radiation

Many people ask themselves the question of the profitability of this investment. Partial answer

you can give yourself. It is enough to enter in Google "heating for

infrared calculator” or “electric floor heating infrared calculator”.

This will give you an estimated cost-effectiveness for such an investment, thanks

so that it will be possible to provide heat emitted by radiation in the house


Infrared panels, mats or films

Speaking of these types of ways to heat your home, there are special mats to choose from,

films or panels. Thanks to the fact that the mats are covered with carbon resistors, it is possible

emitting infrared waves. Don't worry, they are not dangerous. NO

they cause harm to man. The emitted infrared waves are safe for

human body and for the natural environment.

In the case of heating films, the structure is slightly different. It is dealing with

extremely thin coatings. As for the heating element used, it is present

it in the form of a carbon-fiber fabric. It, in turn, consists of carbon paste, yak

was mixed with carbon fibres.

Just like the sun

Looking at infrared heating, you can really see the principle of operation

sun. It also emit the sun's rays, it first proceeds to heat the earth,

buildings or other things that it encounters on its way. Only then this

things give off heat to the air that a person feels. That's where it came from too

principle of operation of infrared radiators, which are used more and more often in

Polish homes.

Rooms heated up quickly

What is behind the fact that it actually leads to the installation of infrared heating?

The ability to quickly heat the entire room. People who already have such a system

heating in their homes admit that after a few minutes from switching on, the change

temperature is very noticeable. Traditional heating systems need min.

tens of minutes to bring heat to individual rooms, creating

comfortable conditions for the household.

About such ways of heating the house as infrared radiators should definitely

also think about those people who want an economical solution, which will be in addition

easy to assemble.

It is also worth mentioning that thanks to the functionality of the entire system, there is a possibility

setting different temperatures for individual rooms. Because why really

heat places that are known in advance that they will not be used, because, for example, children have left

for a winter camp?

You can also not forget about the fact that mats for infrared radiation can be used

install anywhere. Not just on the walls, as many people think. They can

they can also act as underfloor or even ceiling heating!

So far, they have been used as support for a traditional heating system. WITH

sometimes, however, they will start to act as the main source of heating for houses.

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